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Automatic Counting Machine

JL’s automatic counting machines efficiently and exactly count contents while packing them into bottles or other containers, leading to financial savings and a better brand image.

As a global capsule and tablet counting machine manufacturer, we make machines using a creative combination of superior craftsmanship and top-grade parts. Our commitment to excellent design and assembly guarantees pinpoint accuracy in counting capsules, tablets, and gummies for various markets that can integrate into other machines for continuous processing. Contact our team today to begin your sourcing journey with JL.

tablet capsule counting machine
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gummy counting machine
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High Speed Counting Bottling Line

From sorting bottles to labeling stickers, count bottle filling line can be connected with bottle unscrambler, desiccant inserter, capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine and labeling machine.

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We are a professional pharmaceutical and packaging machinery manufacturer, in addition to blister packaging machines, we also provide capsule filling machine and rotary tablet press.

NJP 3800

These industry giants choose us

As a Fortune 500’s suppliers, we have served 2,615+ customers with professional knowledge and attentive service, achieving success and building lasting relationships.

Whe choose us

JL leads the industry in providing clients with dependable automatic counter machines optimized for efficient and safe production.

Global On-Site Service

The worldwide service center is by your side. We provide on-site installation, commissioning and training of automatic counting machine base on your needs. The cost is US$550 per day.

3Year Warranty & Free Wearing Parts

The core electrical components of our counting filling machine have a 3-year warranty, and the machine is maintained for life. And free consumable parts for one year's use.

Fastest 3-Day Delivery

Our automatic counting bottling machines are fully stocked and your orders are processed immediately! JinLu Packing will be sent to your specified address within 3 days at the fastest!

6S Management Workshop

With 30+ years manufacturing experience, 25 R&D engineers, 106 skilled workers and strict production, just make your request leave the rest to us.

Strict Ex-Factory Inspection

From design proposal to functional implementation, our production control team checks every step. Make sure the machine is of high quality and perfectly meets your needs.

Provides 4,210+ Recognized Solution

A team of 25 R&D engineers will provide drawings and layout within 1 hour after receiving your inquiry. Our solutions have been recognized by GSK, USB, US-Pharma, Robinson-Pharma and etc.

Find the Right Machine for Your Needs

Choose the best one for you from our high quality machines by careful comparison.

Still not sure which machine is best for you? You can contact our experts to discuss your custom solution, from a modular machine to a packaging line.

Automatic Counting Machine

Designed and assembled by industry experts, our machines have high performance and superior durability.


About JL

Located in Guangzhou, JL is a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging machinery integrating engineering, production and sales.

Our team focuses on developing pharmaceutical processing & packaging machines that combine functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness, in addition to providing our customers with hassle-free one-stop service.

jinlu office
jinlu office

Exceptional Support You Can Easily Access

Exceptional Support You Can Easily Access

JL makes your souring experience as smooth as possible with swift order completion, delivery, and commissioning. You can also access expert support via local Hong Kong and US service centers. This makes technical assistance, repair, maintenance, and parts replacement readily available, ensuring minimal downtimes and money lost.

JinLu's Advantaqges

Top 500 Partner

Aiming to provide customers with world-class machines and services, we are a partner of Fortune 500 companies.

Excellent Protection

Reinforced & vacuum packed to prevent moisture, rust and corrosion.

25 R&D Engineers

Continuously conducting research and development and innovation, 25 senior R&D engineers provide you with tailor-made solutions.

Case Studies

Get inspired by our top cases. Our engineers will help bring your pharma packaging machine ideas to life.

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