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Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

JL manufactures tablet capsule counting machines that are widely used in counting and bottling a wide range of pills, tablets, capsules, and other preparations. Our machines can work by themselves or integrate with other machines for a seamless production line.

Focused on continuous improvement, tablet counting machines from JL have structured and modular upgrades on key areas of the setup. Vibration tanks, pneumatic push plates, bottle sleeves, and continuous feeding mechanisms are carefully designed and outfitted with top-grade parts by industry veterans. These upgrades enhance the counting speed and accuracy while stabilizing performance for consistent output.

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Features of JL Tablet Capsule Counting Machines

With the innovative features, our line of tablet capsule counters has safer and more optimized production capabilities, befitting any business.

Wide Applicability

It is suitable for counting tablets, transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules and pills of various specifications within the length range of 2-40mm.

High-precision Counting

Independent photoelectric sensors, precision 360-degree scanning, infrared dynamic scanning, and FPJ parallel processing eliminates dead ends and raises counting accuracy to >99.97%.

Modular Design

Easy to maintain and clean while the entire cleaning and maintenance process can be completed in just 20 minutes.

No Overlapping Materials

The multi-level stepped vibrating track effectively ensures that materials are separated in an orderly manner without overlapping, ensuring accurate counting.

Enclosed Vibration Track, High Stability

Enclosed vibration track prevent dust from falling into the main engine to maintain stable production.

Pneumatic Bottling Design

Compared with other models, the output is increased by more than 35%.

Optimize Your Production Line with JL Tablet Counters

With different models and capacities to choose from, imagination is the only limitation for elevating your production strength.

Max Capacity50 BPM70 BPM80 BPM100 BPM
Capable Material2-40mm Capsule, Tablet, Pill etc.
Accuracy Rate>99.8%>99.8%>99.97%>99.98%


Still not sure which machine is best for you? You can contact our experts to discuss your custom solution, from a modular machine to a packaging line.

High-Performance Tablet & Capsule Counters

Explore the range of fine-tuned tablet capsule tablet counting and filling machines created by the industry experts.


About JL

Located in Guangzhou, JL is a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging machinery integrating engineering, production and sales.

Our team focuses on developing pharmaceutical processing & packaging machines that combine functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness, in addition to providing our customers with hassle-free one-stop service.

jinlu office
jinlu office

Making Your Machine Purchasing Experience Smooth and Simple

Making Your Machine Purchasing Experience Smooth and Simple

Handling a business is a challenge in itself – and JL is here to take the stress and hassle of importing tablet counting machines.

We have service centers in the US and Hong Kong for fast and timely assistance from top technicians in the industry. And with a mature supply chain by our side, we can guarantee the most competitive prices available.

JL's Advantages

Fastest 3-Day Shipping

The fastest delivery time is 3 days. Sufficient inventory ensures on-time delivery.

Full Inspection

Strict inspection before shipment ensures the machine is of high quality and fully meets your needs.

On-site Debugging

Local Service Centers in Hong Kong and the United States Provide On-site Service Support.

Case Studies

Get inspired by our top cases. Our engineers will help bring your pharma packaging machine ideas to life.

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