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Provide Automatic Cartoning and Labeling Lines to Czech Customers

In today’s highly competitive pharmaceutical and packaging machinery market, JinLu Packing has always been known for our innovation, professionalism and excellent service. The success stories of our cooperation with our customers are a reflection of our commitment, not just to delivering machines, but also to our deep understanding of customer needs and personalized solutions.


Customer Challenge:

Customer X is an internationally renowned Czech industry leader who urgently needs to improve production efficiency, ensure product quality and adapt to changing market demands. They needed a customized solution to solve the problem of automatic cartoning of vials, and they also needed to put a Czech local tax-paying label on the cartons.


Our solution:

Our R&D team has a deep understanding of Customer X’s needs and business processes. Based on the production capacity required by the customer and the size of the packaging workshop, we customized an innovative fully automatic boxing and corner labeling solution. We designed the layout of the production line and manufactured efficient and flexible intelligent automatic packaging machines to meet customer needs for high quality, high efficiency and flexible production.


Implementation and results:

When we informed the customer that the prototype was ready, the customer did not expect us to be so fast, so they flew directly from the Czech Republic to China to experience and test the machine on site.


Through our machines and equipment, we have 100% met the customer’s needs, increased production efficiency by 27%, and reduced the scrap rate by 37%. The customer is very satisfied with the entire packaging solution and the machine.


Jinlu Packing not only provides customers with machines and equipment as Capsule Filling Machine, Tablet Press Machine, Automatic Counting Machine, Blister Packing Machine, Cartoning Machine etc., but also provides solutions and partner support. If you are also looking for professional pharmaceutical and packaging machine solutions, we sincerely invite you to contact us. We will wholeheartedly provide you with personalized and efficient solutions to help you stand out in the fiercely competitive market.


“Only create value for our customers, we have the value of existence.”

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