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Cartoning Machine for Pharmaceutical Packaging

For a fully automated and high speed cartoning machine, trust no other than JL. Ideal for packing pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetic sachets, blister plates, and other products into cartons, our vertical and horizontal cartoning machines have innovative features that make packaging easier. They can also be integrated into blister packing machines and capsule counters for faster and more seamless manufacturing.

As China’s leading cartoner machine manufacturer, we have the expertise and supply chain strength to create exceptional cartoning machinery tailored to your requirements. And with 3-year warranty coverage, support is just one call or email away.

Elevate your business with JL carton packaging machines. Talk to us today.

vertical cartoning machine
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Horizontal cartoning machine
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You May Also Need

We are a professional pharmaceutical and packaging machinery manufacturer, in addition to capsule filling machines,

we also provide capsule counting machine and blister packing machine.

Industry giants are our long-term partners

As a Fortune 500’s suppliers, we have served 2,615+ customers with professional knowledge and attentive service, achieving success and building lasting relationships.

Custom Feeders To Meet Your Needs

Based on your needs, whether it is packaging blister sheets, bottles, sachets, etc., our R&D team will provide you with the most tailor-made solution.

Blister Plates Feeder

Especially for the blister plate packing, our cartoning machines can easily and efficiently handle blister plates and other material packaging.

Bottles Cartoning Feeder

Developed specifically for bottle packing, ensuring faster speed and more precision, protecting the bottles from damage.

Sachet Packing Feeder

Quickly and easily package sachets, small bag, and other materials such as condoms, facial masks, etc, either individually or in multiple packs.

Why they choose us

JL is a leading pharmaceutical and packaging machinery manufacturer in China, providing customers with a full range of customized services.

Global On-Site Service

Our local service center is by your side. Provide on-site installation, debugging and training of cartoning machine base on your needs. The cost is US$550 per day.

Fastest 10-Day Delivery

We have sufficient stock of standard cartoning machines, your order only needs to wait for the feeder customization! The machine will be delivered in 10 days!

Full Inspection Before Delivery

From raw materials to functionality, our QC team checks every step to ensure carton packing machine is high quality and perfectly meets your needs.

Compare Our Assortment of Cartoner Machines

Selecting the suitable cartoner machine for your business shouldn’t be a struggle – let our product list help you out.

Still not sure which machine is best for you? You can contact our experts to discuss your custom solution, from a modular machine to a packaging line.

Cartoner Machines Designed for Your Success

Expedite your product packaging and cartoning with our cartoning machinery resulting from three decades of experience.


About JL

Located in Guangzhou, JL is a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging machinery integrating engineering, production and sales.

Our team focuses on developing pharmaceutical processing & packaging machines that combine functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness, in addition to providing our customers with hassle-free one-stop service.

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counting machine workshop
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From Production to After-sales, JL Has You Covered.

From Production to After-sales, JL Has You Covered.

As your business partner, we provide you with exceptional support even after order fulfillment.

Through our solid supply chain, we can offer high-quality parts and raw materials for your machines at competitive prices. We also have local service centers in Hong Kong and the US, so you can quickly access reliable technical support remotely or on-site.

We Provide

Fastest 10-Day Shipping

Fast delivery within 10 days, 6S managed workshops, adequate inventory.

Free 1-Hour Solution

Free solution within 1 hour. An R&D team of 25 senior engineers.

Strict Factory Testing

Strict factory testing aims to provide customers with safer, more reliable and higher quality products.

Case Studies

Get inspired by our top cases. Our engineers will help bring your pharma packaging machine ideas to life.

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