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Custom Pharma Packaging Solutions, Single Machines / Line Integration.

We work closely with you throughout the entire production process, keeping you in the loop and addressing all concerns.

Tell us your needs.

We design the equipment.

We produce and commissioning based on your needs & products.

We pack and deliver equipment, and provide full after-sales services.


Experience Superior Customization Like No Other

Understanding the diverse needs of brands in various industries, we create sophisticated solutions that address them with the utmost efficiency.

JL’s experts listen intently to your concerns to deliver custom solutions based on your needs. From looking at plant conditions, facility spaces, and output capacity, we design and produce automatic capsule filling machines that brands can leverage to reach their goals.

Tailored to Packaging Needs of Each Client’s Products

With over three decades of manufacturing expertise, JL is globally renowned for providing clients with tailor-made machines and integrated lines. Our products are aimed at enhancing the productivity and efficiency of businesses.

For Different Products

For Different Packaging

For Different Containers

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