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Dedicated to Machine Innovation

To deliver safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective pharmaceutical packaging machinery, JL constantly pursues development and innovation in the design and performance of our custom machines.

Our talented R&D team works round the clock to find ways to improve our product lineup, from optimizing the design to streamlining the manufacturing process. Additionally, we take input from clients and customers who use our machines, listen to their suggestions, and implement them to elevate our machines.

25 R&D Specialists Work on Developing & Customizing Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Rely on the experience and expertise of our dedicated R&D specialist to craft custom pharmaceutical processing and packaging machines that will meet your specific requirements. From tailoring the equipment through robust customization options to rigorous testing, expect no less than perfection in each purchase

How Does R&D Strengthen Our Machines?

Along with securing 24 patents in machine design and construction, JL employs a set of innovation philosophies to create pharmaceutical processing and packaging machines for businesses.


We've Developed 4200+ Successful Cases.

Get inspired by our top cases. Our engineers will help bring your pharma packaging machine ideas to life.

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