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Providing Tablet Counting Bottling Production Line to Indonesian Customers

In the dynamic pharmaceutical and packaging market of Indonesia, JinLu Packaging has brought about an innovation in high-speed automatic counting bottling lines. Our customized solutions are not just machine delivery, but also need to solve various problems and problems faced by customers in real production environments.



Customer Challenge:

An Indonesian pharmaceutical company urgently needed to improve production efficiency and product quality to meet market demand. Their challenge was to find a high-speed, intelligent bottling line that could accurately count and quickly complete packaging, while also completing the operations of unscramble bottles, counting, inserting desiccant, capping, aluminum foil sealing and labeling. At present, when they actually use the tablet counting and bottling machine, they are faced with problems such as counting accuracy and machine short circuit under the influence of high dust, as well as difficulties in daily maintenance and cleaning.

Our solution:

We worked closely with our customers to build a high-speed automatic counting bottling line. This production line has been improved, innovated and upgraded in many aspects in response to customer requirements. This customized production line combines the latest counting bottling technology and intelligent packaging equipment, and is tailor-made for customers to meet their special production requirements.


Implementation and results:

JinLu Packing’s 25-person R&D engineer team successfully completed this customized production line within one month, and the customer led the team to our delivery site for inspection. Indonesian customer


We constantly pursue innovation and excellence to bring customers a unique production experience. If you are also looking for a customized, high-efficiency pharmaceutical tablet capsule bottling production line, we look forward to working with you to create brilliance.

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