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Factory Strength in Numbers


Pharmaceutical Processing & Packaging Machines ( sets / Year )

Let the numbers speak for our globally competent manufacturing prowess.


Factory Area ( ㎡ )


6S Workshops



Every Process Counts in Our Factory

JL’s vast production facility has multiple workshops and state-of-the-art equipment to cater to your orders.

Parts and Raw Materials Preparation

Using only parts from top global manufacturers and strict incoming material selection guarantees high-grade and consistent performance.

CNC Machining

Perfectly fitting pieces crafted through precision CNC equipment leads to less damage and machine breakdown, resulting in lower chances of downtimes.

QC in the Production Process

Intensive quality control protocols handled by seasoned auditors eliminate low-quality pieces, securing the consistency of our capsule filling machines.

Accurate Assembly

With complete mastery of our automatic capsule filling machines, we can assemble each with utmost speed while maintaining quality.


Expert technicians handle the machines' commissioning, bringing each into ideal working condition.

Packaging and Delivery

Machines are prepared for shipment with thickened packaging materials and internal support structure, and forwarded to well-vetted logistics companies for safe and fast delivery.

Superior Performance Through Meticulous Testing

We understand your brand relies on how our pharmaceutical processing and packaging machines fulfill their tasks. As such, no machine leaves our warehouse without going through a battery of tests with the help of precision testing tools and our team’s superior expertise.


Make Sure That the Machine Runs the Way As You Need.

Comprehensive validation and testing are essential to the optimal performance of your custom pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment and building brand recognition. To achieve this, we conduct a series of audits and tests to ensure each part works as intended.

Compared to our peers, we perform a meticulous factory acceptance test that verifies each component meets our standards and your specifications. We also use your products in our commissioning process to simulate actual daily operations, with videos sent to you for proof. All these we do free of charge and in the spirit of giving an exceptional sourcing experience.

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