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Capsule Filling Machine

When it comes to reliable and powerful capsule filling machines, JL is the brand to trust. The culmination of three decades of manufacturing expertise, our capsule filling machines have pinpoint accuracy thanks to our patented filling mechanism, resulting in efficient production with minimal waste. Our empty capsule filling machines are ideal for filling powder, pellets, granules, and liquid into hard capsule.

Along with our world-class capsule filler machine, JL also offers top-notch services aimed at making your sourcing experience as seamless as possible. We’re gearing you to success, from free consultation and full customization to swift order fulfillment and 3-year warranty coverage. Get in touch today to start your order.

high speed capsule filling machine
播放有关的视频 high speed capsule filling machine

Our automatic capsule filling machines are ideal for fully auto-processing capsules with an effective capacity of filling 468,000 capsules per hour.

double head capsule filler
播放有关的视频 double head capsule filler

These high-output semi auto capsule fillers have precision accuracy and feature, high cost performance, small space occupation and save your cost.

automatic liquid capsule filler
播放有关的视频 automatic liquid capsule filler

With our capsule liquid filling machines, the production of liquid capsules is fully automated, which greatly reduces the need for human labor.

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We are a professional pharmaceutical and packaging machinery manufacturer, in addition to capsule filling machines,

we also provide capsule counting machine and blister packing machine.

Be Our Next Happy Client

As a Fortune 500’s suppliers, we have served 2,615+ customers with professional knowledge and attentive service, achieving success and building lasting relationships.

Why Choose Us

JL is an industry-leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical capsule filling machines and provides versatile capsule filling machines to help safer, smarter & more efficient pharmaceutical processing & packaging.

On-Site Debugging

Our global service center provides you with installation, commissioning and training. You are responsible for the engineer's travel and meal expenses +$550/day.

Free set of standard molds

In addition to the professional capsule filler, we also give you a set of free standard molds and enough wearing parts for 3 years of use, save your money.

Full set of tech videos & manuals

From machine disassembly and assembly, operating parameters, operating instructions to daily maintenance, here is everything you need, just to bring you convenience.

6S Standard Workshop

With 30 years of manufacturing experience, 106 skilled workers and professional production processes, just send your needs and leave the rest to us.

fastest 7-day delivery

Our capsule filling machines are fully stocked and orders are processed immediately! Will be sent to your specified address within 7 days at the fastest!

Full inspection before delivery

From raw materials to machine functionality, our quality control team checks every step to ensure your tablet press is of high quality and perfectly meets your needs.

Find the Right Machine for Your Needs

Selecting the right capsule filling machine for your business is easy – let our comparison chart help you out.

Still not sure which machine is best for you? You can contact our experts to discuss your custom solution, from a modular machine to a packaging line.

Our Range of Capsule Filling Machine


About JL

Located in Guangzhou, JL is a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging machinery integrating engineering, production and sales.

Our team focuses on developing pharmaceutical processing & packaging machines that combine functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness, in addition to providing our customers with hassle-free one-stop service.

jinlu office
jinlu office

Hassle-free Solution for Automated Capsule Filling

Hassle-free Solution for Automated Capsule Filling

Importing a machine from China never means losing money. We have local service centers in Hong Kong and the United States, providing all the consumable parts inventory and professional after-sales service of the packager, avoiding the downtime that affects production.

We also guarantee that all questions will be answered within 2 minutes during working hours, and support remote and on-site technical support to ensure your maximum return on investment. Thanks to our mature supply chain management, we can also effectively help you reduce the cost of purchasing machines.

We Provide

7-Day Shipping

Adequate inventory, fastest Delivery within 7 Days..

Vacuum Packaging

We oil the exposed parts of the machine with oil and vacuum-pack them to prevent dust, rust and corrosion.

On-Site Debugging

Local service centers in Hong Kong and the United States provide on-site service support.

Case Studies

Get inspired by our top cases. Our engineers will help bring your pharma packaging machine ideas to life.

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