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Our Philosophy of Sustainability

JL upholds a philosophy that’s ideal and realistic. Protecting the environment is the unified philosophy of our entire team. And we actively participate in our local community and focus on the satisfaction of our employees and clients.

Along with providing benefits, our diverse team gets constant support and skills improvement for continuous growth. On the client end, we implement customer-focused manufacturing tailored to deliver impeccable products and services.

By fulfilling our social responsibility, we can ensure a successful company that will last a lifetime.

Our Sustainability Strategy in Practice

As a responsible manufacturer, we do our best to reduce carbon emissions and practice responsible production processes. All materials used for making our pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment are 100% non-toxic and pollution-free, while our 6S modern management workshops don’t emit harmful waste during the process.

Additionally, we place a high regard on waste reduction and recycling efforts. Our products come with waste recycling devices to help end-users meet cGMP requirements.

Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint of Production

Deeply involved in our local community, we actively participate in projects that give back to those around us. These include donations to local charities, providing comfort to the elderly, and supporting disadvantaged groups. We also have our team help through volunteer activities, giving a human touch to our efforts.

Rooted in Our Community, Fed Back into Our Community.

We acknowledge the value our team brings to the business, and we do our best to make them feel rewarded and taken care of.

Employees get an assortment of benefits, including weekends off, proper living spaces, insurance, and leave credits for important events. There’s also a career development plan for employees, professional skills improvement, and training programs.

Adhering to principles of diversity and inclusion, we have team members from different cultural and gender backgrounds, with 70% of employees being women.

Building Our Team Through Inclusion and Diversity

JL utilizes a mature supplier selection process to select the best eco-friendly suppliers in the industry. This process guarantees that all incoming raw materials and supply chain activities meet our and global benchmarks for ethical sourcing.

Maintaining Excellence with Supply Chain Management

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