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JL brings the high-performance tablet pressing machine, an easy-to-operate high-pressure machine that can create 37,800 to 950,000 pieces per hour.

Capable of continuously compressing powders and granules into tablets of any shape and size, our tablet compression machines can handle even the most difficult materials to press and form. This is the best choice for mass production in multiple enterprises, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, etc.

We use the best materials from leading parts makers worldwide, ensuring consistent production that complies with cGMP requirements. And with unparalleled manufacturing assistance and reliable aftersales support, we guarantee a sourcing experience like no other.

For Ordinary Tablets
For Large Tablets
ZP-27/73D Multi Layer Tablet Press Machine
ZP-17D Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine
ZP-17D Medical Tablet Press Machine
ZP-41/55 High Speed Rotary Tablet Machine
ZP-15/19E Big Size Tablet Press
ZP-25/55D Rotary Tablet Machine
ZP-17D Tablet Press Machine
ZP-29D Tablet Press Machine

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