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Accurately counting and packing gummies pose a challenge for product makers, as they tend to clump and clog feeders during the process. JL understands this struggle and manufactures gummy and candy counters with faster and more stable processing, leading to precise counting and bottle filling.

Focused on speed and efficient production, our gummy counters have top-grade, cGMP-certified parts and systems that facilitate the even dispersal of materials. We also add reliable safety features to keep operators safe without compromising output speed and quality.

Take your business forward with JL gummy counting machines. Book a consultation with our expert sales team today to get started.

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8 Channel Gummy Bottling Machine
JL-8D Small Gummy Bottler
JL-16R CBD Gummy Bear Counting Machine
JL-8D Gummy Counter Filler
JL-8D CBD Gummy Counter Filler
JL-16R Gummy Bear Counting Machine
JL-16R Gummy Bear Soft Candy Counting machine
JL-8C Gummy Count Filling Machine
JL-16R Gummy Counting Machine

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