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JL-16C Tablet Counter Counting Machine

JL-16C Tablet Counter Counting Machine involves controlled feeding, sensors for materials detection, accurate counting, packing or bottling.


Suitable for pharma, health care, chemical products and other industries.

Basic Information

  • Suitable for 3-40 mm capsule, tablet, gummy…
  • Up to 70 bottles/mins
  • Accuracy rate > 99.8%
  • Fastest 7 Days  Delivery
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Features and Benefits

Fearless of Dust, Precise Counting

Powerful counting module with accuracy exceeds 99.8%.

Easy Assembling & Fast Cleanup

Channels controlled by cylinder, unlocked with one click.

Maintenance Takes Less Than 15 Minutes

Core parts with modular, worry-free maintenance

Universally Praised, Built to Last a Decade

The enclosed vibrating channels completely isolates dust

vibration counting channel

How JL-16H-Line Counting Bottling Line Work

16 channel tablet counter video


Model JL-DSL-16C
Production capacity Max 70 bottles/min
Accuracy rate >99.8%
Suitable for 3-40 mm tablet, capsule, gummy…
Applicable bottle Φ25-110mm round or square bottle
Voltage 380/220/110V 50Hz(customizable)

Why Choose JinLu Packaging

Located in Guangzhou, JL is a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging machinery integrating engineering, production and sales.

Our team focuses on developing pharmaceutical processing & packaging machines that combine functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness, in addition to providing our customers with hassle-free one-stop service.


Our Advantages

  • 3-Years warranty
  • 2-Years free wearing parts
  • 1-Hour free solution
  • DDP DDU One-Stop Service
  • Full set of technical documents
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We Provide

Fastest 3-Day Shipping

The fastest delivery time is 3 days. Sufficient inventory ensures on-time delivery.

Full Inspection

Strict inspection before shipment ensures the machine is of high quality and fully meets your needs.

On-Site Debugging

Local Service Centers in Hong Kong and the United States Provide On-site Service Support.

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