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Fully Automatic Capsule Filler Advantages

In the field of solid preparations in the pharmaceutical industry, fully automatic capsule filling machines are indispensable and important equipment in the capsule pharmaceutical process. The function of this machine is to automatically separate the capsule shell, then accurately fill it with the medicine according to the formula (these ingredients can be powder, granules, pellets or liquid), and finally seal the capsule body and capsule cap, complete the core workflow of the entire capsule formulation.


As the COVID-19 pandemic ends and the global economy gradually recovers, people continue to pay more attention to health, which in turn drives the demand for medicines and nutritional products to continue to rise, which means that the production needs of pharmaceutical factories are also growing. As a key equipment to achieve automated and intelligent production, fully automatic capsule filler have been used in medium and large pharmaceutical factories with remarkable production efficiency, precision and reliability.


With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical and packaging machinery, JinLu Packing will tell you below about some of the main advantages of fully automatic capsule filler. We hope these will be what you want to know.


Advantages of fully automatic capsule machine

1. Stable and high production capacity

Compared with traditional semi-automatic models or manual desktop capsule trays, the biggest advantage of a fully automatic encapsulation machine is its extraordinary production efficiency and it is more in line with the requirements of modern mass production. The fully automated process eliminates the need to rely on skilled workers and provides factories with long-term, continuous, uninterrupted production, thereby significantly increasing pharmaceutical production capacity. In addition, it reduces the demand for labor resources, provides more choices for pharmaceutical location selection, and no longer relies on whether the local labor force is rich, saving companies a lot of recruitment time and costs.


If you are planning to expand your factory’s production capacity or business, then a filling capsule machines auto will be a better ideal equipment for you. Our NJP-3800D high speed capsule filler has a maximum output of 228,000 capsules per hour. Whether it is filled with powder or pellets, it can be easily mastered and is a great boost to your business.


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2. Excellent filling accuracy

The second advantage of the automatic encapsulating machine is its excellent filling accuracy. Since the entire production process does not require manual intervention, there will be no manual mismatching of medicines, large dosage errors, and unstable production efficiency. It uses advanced mechanical devices and PLC control systems to ensure that the dosage of medicine filled in each capsule is accurate, and controls the quality of the medicine from the source.


Precise human medicine intake dosage is the basis for improving health. JinLu Packing’s NJP series capsule filler automatic has a filling accuracy of more than 99%. Choosing it will ensure the uniformity and uniformity of the finished capsules.




3. Excellent reliability

The full automatic filling capsule machine is designed to provide pharmaceutical companies with long-term, stable and reliable operation. The industrial design and manufacturing of the machine enable it to maintain stable performance after a long period of continuous operation, avoiding production interruptions caused by machine errors and time spent on equipment debugging and maintenance. All these factors are aimed at enhancing the continuity and stability of production and ultimately improving production efficiency.


4. Strict Quality Control

The filling capsule machines can automatically achieve strict quality control. The entire process of material feeding, capsule sowing, filling, defective product detection, sealing, product output, mold cleaning, etc. can be monitored and adjusted in real time through the control system, so that rapid detection can be achieved. and troubleshooting problems in the production process to ensure the consistency and quality of pharmaceutical products.


5. Extensive adaptability

Today’s pharmaceutical formulations are becoming more and more complex, and manufacturers can configure highly versatile equipment to freely produce pharmaceutical dosage forms according to market demand. The fully automatic capsules filling machine can achieve adaptability to various pharmaceutical formulas by changing the feeding device of the filling station. Our full range of NJP models also reserve three add-on devices at the filling station, which can easily handle powders and granules, and can achieve a variety of formulas for single powder, single granule, and powder plus materials. If you need to fill capsules of different sizes, you do not need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment. The fully automatic encapsulating machine can handle capsules of 000-5 size by changing the mold.


capsule size


Our capsule filler automatic comes with a set of standard molds and enough consumable parts for one year for free, saving you costs and providing a higher return on investment.


capsule filling mold


6. Comply with cGMP requirements

CGMP, the full name is Current Good Manufacturing Practice. Many countries have formulated strict requirements for pharmaceutical production based on this specification, including quality control, operating procedures, personnel training, records and reporting, etc. From the perspective of production environment, the automatic encapsulation machine full automatic does not require manual intervention, thus significantly reducing the risk of contamination. It has been dust-proof, rust-proof and processed. The closed outer cover reduces the adverse impact of external conditions on medicine quality. The working environment is extremely clean and fully meets cGMP production management requirements. If your country and region have strict cGMP requirements for pharmaceutical production, then you can only choose a fully automatic model when purchasing a capsule machine.


cGMP Capsule filling machine


7. More excellent intelligence

The capsule filler automatic machines all use PLC operating systems and touch screens. The entire intelligent control system achieves real-time production status monitoring and adjustment of various parameters. The visual, user-friendly interface provides the machine operator with prompt information about machine operation and possible problems, effectively reducing the time required for troubleshooting, maintenance, and cleaning. In addition to the basic functions of the system mentioned above, our NJP series capsule machines also provide various API interface functions, providing unlimited possibilities for subsequent function upgrades and function development, such as integrating printing functions, production and uploading of real-time machine parameters. and downloads, providing strong support for the realization of Industry 4.0.


To sum up the above

In short, the capsule filling machine fully automatic has a wide range of advantages that cannot be compared with manual or semi-automatic similar products. But the advantages that currently exist do not necessarily mean there is no room for improvement and stagnation in innovation. Fully automatic capsule fillers may also face problems such as high maintenance costs and the need for operators to have certain technical skills. The flexibility, accuracy, reliability and production efficiency mentioned above provide a solid production foundation for any industrial-level pharmaceutical and inject strong impetus into the development of the pharmaceutical industry.


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