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Cartoning Machine for Pharmaceutical Packaging

For a fully automated and high speed cartoning machine, trust no other than JL. Ideal for packing pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetic sachets, blister plates, and other products into cartons, our vertical and horizontal cartoning machines have innovative features that make packaging easier. They can also be integrated into blister packing machines and capsule counters for faster and more seamless manufacturing.

As China’s leading cartoner machine manufacturer, we have the expertise and supply chain strength to create exceptional cartoning machinery tailored to your requirements. And with 3-year warranty coverage, support is just one call or email away.

Elevate your business with JL carton packaging machines. Talk to us today.

Packing Sachets
Horizontal cartoning machine
JL-120L Cartoning Machine Automatic Packaging
JL-120L Cartoning Packing Machine
JL-260W High Speed Cartoning Machine
JL-120W Automatic Cartoning Machine
JL-120L Automatic Cartoning Machine

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