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Ideal for filling a variety of liquid-based capsules, JL’s line of liquid capsule filling machines is the first choice equipment for filling poorly water-soluble drugs (PWSDs), drugs with low melting temperatures, low doses, or powerful drugs, hygroscopic drugs, and drugs with high sustained release requirements. Our machines can automatically and continuously handle the entire capsule filling process at a maximum capacity of 60,000 capsules per hour.

Strict compliance with cGMP and JB20025-2004 standards gives businesses and operators the guarantee they need regarding quality, consistency, and safety. In addition to designing machines to your specifications, we also provide exceptional assistance from commissioning to aftersales support.

Get in touch with our team today for top-grade capsule liquid filling machines at competitive wholesale prices.

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NJP-300C Liquid Capsule Filling Machine
NJP-1000C Liquid Capsule Filling Machine
CGN-208L Semi Auto Liquid Capsule Filler

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