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Leading blister packing machine manufacturers in China, JL brings you our series of blister packaging machines designed and assembled for a wide range of applications. Capable of packing tablets, capsules, candy, and sauces, etc., on aluminum-plastic composite or aluminum plates, our machine handles the entire packing process in one go.

As a seasoned pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer in China, we excel in crafting custom high-speed blister packing machines that both meet your requirements and cGMP production standards. Everything is handled within our facility, from material selection to testing, ensuring top-notch quality and consistency.

Whether you’re in pharma, healthcare, food, or any other industry, our blister machines will fit in perfectly. Get in touch today to learn more.

Blister Packing Machine automatic
Blister Packing Machine Honey
DPH-260H Roller Blister Packing Machine
DPP-90R Small Medicine Blister Machine
DPP-270max Pharmaceutical Blister Packing Machine
DPP-90R Small Pill Blister Packing Machine
DPP-90R Pharma Blister Packing Machine
DPP-270max Blister Packing Machine High Speed
DPP-180pro Blister Machine for Capsule Tablet
DPP-270max Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
DPP-90R Medical Blister Packing Machine
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