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JL’s automatic counting machines efficiently and exactly count contents while packing them into bottles or other containers, leading to financial savings and a better brand image.

As a global capsule and tablet counting machine manufacturer, we make machines using a creative combination of superior craftsmanship and top-grade parts. Our commitment to excellent design and assembly guarantees pinpoint accuracy in counting capsules, tablets, and gummies for various markets that can integrate into other machines for continuous processing. Contact our team today to begin your sourcing journey with JL.

16 lane counting machine
gummy counting machine
Plastic Bottle Induction Sealer
JL-SPJ-200D Tablet Deduster
JL-TBJ-120 Labeling Machine
8 Channel Gummy Bottling Machine
JL-16R Bear Gummy Counting Packing Line
JL-16C Tablet Capsule Counting Capping Line
CCD Counting Machine with Rejection function
JL-16R Bear Gummy Counting Bottling Line
JL-16C Tablet Capsule Bottling Counting Line
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